Friday, August 29, 2008

No Cherokee Calendar for 2009


Ko’iga Tsunagilosdi, Galoni tali-sgohi-sonela.
Today is Friday, August 29.

Since the spring, when I took the 2008 Cherokee Calendar off the market and offered free copies to my language students, I have been saying that the new edition would be available in September. It’s almost September, and the low response of the last two years has forced me to change that assessment. It just doesn’t seem that very many people are interested in the old ceremonial calendar. It’s several layers of complicated math and symbolism, and more than a little off-putting at first glance.

What I’m thinking of doing instead is:
[a] offering individual life analysis based on the calendar.
[b] devoting more time completing the online book, Even Heaven Falls Apart,
[c] creating a calendar without deep explanation to both Even Heaven Falls Apart members and life analysis clients.

I’m sorry, but, as any daykeeper can tell you, there are only so many hours in a day. Since there has been little interest in this aspect of Cherokee culture and our connection to our Meso-American roots, I need to focus on things that are better received.

The comment board is open, let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could find such a Great Calendar. Wado

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear that the traditional calendar won't be available.

But I would be interested in these new offers also.
Pleae let me know when this will be available because it is one of the honest and real sources of Cherokee traditions I can access.


Cherokee Rose said...

Thank you for your work to spread the teachings and language of our people and for keeping our traditions alive. It must feel like a duanting task at times when you have so much information to share and a shortage of whom to share it with. Don't give up brother, "build it and they will come". I would purchase one of these calenders now if the 2009 was available and there were instructions on how it is used. I read the description and my thought was why buy a 2008 so late in the year? I'll wait for the new one.
The following is just a thought based on my own humble opinion and business experience........
If this was my site and I had recently improved the audio from what it had been, I would give that time to attract more members and keep my other offerings available for the time being. One change at a time to see what works and what doesn't is a wise decision. If keeping the calender is too much work, then by all means let it go and put your energy to work elsewhere.


Cherokee Rose

jr said...

It's unfortunate that the interest isn't there in the old ceremonial calendar. I bought one for 2008 and I have been using it to help me learn to speak Cherokee and it has been extremely helpful.

I am currently subscribed to Heaven Falls Apart and not only enjoying it, I am also realizing I heard some of it before. Thanks for your hard work in trying to perserve.

BeckyN said...

I recently found your website and have been reading your newsletters for a couple of months. I will be ordering you book Even Heaven Falls Apart for myself and my mother (whose father is listed on the Dawes roll - Cherokee by blood). I want to order a copy of the deep Cherokee calendar. I'm sure it's information only a few desire to have, but I am one of them. I wish I had known about your website sooner. I found it in my search for Cherokee resources.

Michael said...

Osiyo Mr. Wilkes,

You should check out the beautiful artwork of my friend Victoria McKinney. You may already know of her, but if anyone ever wanted evidence of a meso-American connection to Cherokees, her artwork exemplifies it. Also, I'm sure you know that Cherokees employed a basket-weaving technique that has only ever been found to be used by the Amazonian Tribal peoples. I'd be interested in your calendar but didn't know about it. I need to sign up for your lessons- soon!

Michael in Kansas