Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to the new blog!

Osiyo! Tsilugi!

Welcome to the new blog for the Speak Cherokee mailing list. This will let me post items that are more involved, with graphics and other features, without jamming your e-mail services with HTML e-mails that may be dumped by various filters.

From now on, the mailing list will be used mainly to let you know when something new has been posted here on the blog.

First of all, welcome to our subscribers in Cyprus, Germany, Spain, England, Scotland, Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Australia and Papua New Guinea, as well as those of you in the armed forces. If I missed your country, please let me know.

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jr said...

Wado for your dedication to preserving and teaching the Cherokee language. The language will become extinct as many others have if it isn’t taught and learned. The techniques you use to teach Cherokee helps to pick up the language much easier. Preserving the Cherokee Culture by learning its language to me is more important than stomping around at Pow Wow’s, which was not a part of the initial Cherokee culture. Over the last year I have been learning to speak Cherokee from, I have learned a lot.