Monday, September 8, 2008

Response to "Is Your Family Weird?"

Q: What about the reference to a child as pumpkin? Or the learned eating behavior of eating fat (my first memory as a toddler) that is ONLY Native as far as I know...

A: "Pumpkin" and "Peanut" appear to be the most common pet names for children, and neither is terribly Native. In France, it's "Cabbage."

Intentionally eating fat on meat, especially an expensive cut of meat like prime rib, is likewise not so much Native American as northern. It's common among Scandinavians, Russians, Germans, and Canadians. Animals store toxins in their fat for later excretion. Ironically, that's why the fat sometimes tastes so good.

Now, if you're talking about chowing down on a can of lard, that's another matter.


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