Sunday, September 7, 2008


Osiyo, Tsunali! Hello, Friends!

I’ve been working on more pages of content for – pronouncers for the three pages of labels, so you can begin labelling things around your home and reminding yourself to speak the Cherokee names OUT LOUD.


We have almost 325 people on the mailing list, but not even ten percent have actually enrolled for the classes. I know the economy is bad, and money is tight, so I’ve been considering what I can offer as an incentive.

Here it is: from now until the end of the year, enrolled students get a ‘two-for-one’ deal. If another family member wants to study, their tests and pronunciation will be corrected, just as if they were a separate student. When the tenth test is completed, you will both get the certificate of completion. Another advantage, you now have someone else in the house who can be your study partner. Finding someone to speak Cherokee with gives you an advantage in retaining the material.


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Brian Wilkes

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