Monday, September 1, 2008

Venus Emerges

Ko’iga Unadodaquinvi, Dulisdi igagvyi, ale Iga-Noquisequa.

Hello! Today is Monday, September 1, and Day of the Big Star, a.k.a. Rabbit, a.k.a. Venus.

It’s significant that this is a ‘Rabbit-Star’ Day, today Venus arises from its hiding place of invisibility to become the Evening Star. In the old Cherokee Calendar, the Deer and Rabbit stand on one side of the River, while the Wolf stands on the other side, ready to challenge or escort those who cross.

There are several significant or at least ironic days coming up this month, and there is a time of great danger as well.

The current Year of the Flint Knife ends on October 5, with a new Year of the Firepit beginning October 6. In this last month or so of the Flint Knife, there is increasing danger of a new conflict starting. We also see danger from natural disaster, with Hurricane Gustav as just one example.

There are currently two blogs running, which today are carrying this same message. The Speak Cherokee blog concentrates on learning the language, while 2012 Revealed deals with the Cherokee Calendar, indigenous prophecies, and preparations for enduring the “Days of Darkness” predicted before the dawn of the Sixth World in December, 2012.

I recommend subscribing to the one that most interest you. I’m trying to keep the technology as simple as possible for fast download.

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day with your families. If you’re old enough, explain to them that we once had something called labor unions in this country, that’s why a day devoted to picnics, car shows and appliance sales is called Labor Day.


Brian Wilkes

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