Monday, November 3, 2008

Native American License Plates


It's Native American Heritage Month, and today in our state capital of Frankfort, KY, a new personalized license plate was unveiled:
There's also a slogan "Native Americans share our grandparents stories with our children." County clerks around Kentucky are taking orders for these now. When there are 900 orders, they'll go into production.

I'm proud not only because there is finally some recognition of a Indian presence in what was once one of the most a densely populated areas of ancient North America, but also because of the artist.

Jannette Parent of Princeton, KY is a Cherokee descendant, and has been one of my most diligent language students for almost four years. She incorporates the language into her artwork as well. In fact, if you want to congratulate Jannette, just leave a comment on this blog; she'll see it.

Just a question: does your state have a Native American license plate option? Let me hear from you! Leave a comment.

Brian Wilkes


jr said...

I didn't see one for Illinois though I could be missing it.

jr said...

I didn't see one for Illinois though I could be missing it.

Dilagalisq Wohali said...

Osiyo Jannette, I hope I got your name right.
Osda tsosdadalvi,
unetlanvhi detsalasgesdi
Dilagalisg Wohali

Jerry said...

osiyo to all nativews,

this plate is a dream come true,and it has been a long time,
and also i am looking to reading more from speaking cherokee.

whitewing said...

I have no information indicating Texas has a native american license plate.

unetlanvhi detsalasgesdi
unega gohyadv