Monday, November 10, 2008

What month is it? Take your pick!


We are in the lunar month of Tsiatloha, the solar month of Nvdadequa.
This Wednesday is a Flower Day, a day to increase our prayers for peace and reconciliation between humanity and the natural world.

These days are important in our old traditional calendar, but I've I've had very little interest or response to my recent posts on these matters, so I'm undecided on whether to go to the efforts of creating a calendar for 2009 as I have done for the past two years.

However, I've had response from people who want their birth dates calculated according to the old calendar. I'll begin taking orders this week, and will advise you shortly about the web page where you can learn more and place your orders. Because these take several hours to do, I will only be able to do about two dozen before Christmas, so if you want this for a holiday gift, act quickly.

You can also check Even Heaven Falls Apart for information on the web book, and 2012 Revealed for continuing reports about the Cherokee-Mayan-Aztec calendar and the prophesied changes leading up to the inauguration of the Sixth World in December, 2012.

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