Thursday, December 18, 2008

Smoke and Mirrors!

Some time ago I asked "Is Your Family Weird?" I think that many family eccentricities some of us grew up with are actually remnants of old Cherokee traditions.

On reader told about a custom in her East Tennessee family which continues to this day. Mirrors are placed where they cannot be seen, for example, high on a wall near the ceiling. Hand mirrors are kept in drawers, wrapped in cloth until needed, then immediately replaced.

Another said that mirrors could never be placed so that they could be seen when the front door was entered. In other words, someone coming in the door should not see their reflection in the mirror framed by the doorway - this was too close to seeing yourself in a coffin.

Did your family have any practices like this? How much do you remember? We'd love to hear about it. And please participate in the poll at the left of the page.

Brian Wilkes