Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flutes and songs


As I write this, it's the last day of An'sgvti (They Plant, i.e. May). It's time to shift into the "corn" months. More on that later.

I mentioned the outstanding flutes made by one of our Cherokee students - and you know I LOVE to brag on my students! I actually own two of them now, and here I am with one of them. The bloodwood seems to match my coloring, huh?

Want to know how you can get one of these exceptional instruments? Just visit RunningBear Flutes for details.

I'm putting the finishing touches on teaching videos for the Cherokee version of "America The Beautiful." These will be in both normal speed and very slow teaching speed. With a little work, you can be presentable by Fourth of July.

Check back often ... more to come!

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Anonymous said...

I also have one of Running Bears flutes..he is my b-i-l and a wonderful guy...