Monday, June 1, 2009

Corn months, Dreams, and Financial Help


Go’hi iga Unadodaquinvi, igvgai Dehaluyi!
It’s Monday, first day of June!

Monday is considered the start of the week. Cherokees call Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are called Second Day, Third Day, and Fourth Day.
It’s also a Turtle day, beginning the cycle of twenty day-signs again.
First or the week, first of the month, first of the 20-Day cycle. A good day for new beginnings!

Yesterday we ended An’sgvti, the month of “They Plant.” And just what did they plant? Selu, of course! We now start months with Corn names: Green Corn and Ripe Corn.

They development of a corn-based agriculture was a major step for our ancestors. The plant requires human intervention to propogate. Although it provides the ability to produce a surplus of food, there are several drawbacks:

[1] Grains provide poor nourishment compared to wild plants and game animals. You don’t worry so much about starving, but you aren’t as healthy.

[2] Agriculture requires communities to be rooted to the land, to protect the crop.

[3] Agricultural societies are more complex than hunter-gatherer societies, and those socieites develop more complex worldviews and languages to express that worldview.

[4] Farm labor is HARD! Farmers go hunting and fishing for recreation; professional hunters never say “I’m going to take the week off and hoe out a truck farm.”

Corn is so central to Cherokee life that we are said to descend from a woman who developed from an ear of corn. Of the six major public ceremonies, three are linked to the growth cycle of corn.

So, what corn do you grow? This question once meant “What results do you produce?”
Give that one some thought.


I’ve been thinking of specials I can offer to get more of you to try the language course. After my recent posting about the linguistic nature of dreams, I had several requests to explain strange or troubling dreams. So how’s this? The next 50 people who enroll will have my humble analysis of a dream or waking vision. Please allow a few weeks.


Some of you have recently left the program, citing financial hardship. I certainly understand, and I’ve been looking for solutions. Things are tight on my end as well!

For the past year, I’ve been working on a product that teaches people with little or no technical skill how to use their computers to make money online with no cash expenditure required. No hosting fee, no domain fee, no adverstising expenses. I was just wrapping it up when I found a new software (somebody beat me to market) that does everything I had designed, and more… and at a price so low I can’t compete.

So after I kicked myself for not getting my product out faster, I decided to promote the better product. The package is 30 instructional videos, full written instructions, all for $8.
You really can’t beat this deal, I’ve tried:

So grow some corn, work toward results. Make changes. We’re here to help.


Brian Wilkes

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