Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Geniuses, and Mighty Hunter Has Only Six Months Til Christmas

As we approach our second year online, has reached a crossroad.
In the past weeks, some really sharp people have enrolled for the course material. Not to say people who enrolled previously haven’t been sharp. But some of the new people are also motivated to learn quickly!

Among the points of Speak Cherokee, it’s self-directed and self-paced. It’s online 24-7, so you study when it best fits your schedule. Over the years some have said the material was too confusing, or too difficult, and I’ve tried to adjust things according to your feedback. That’s one reason all ten lessons and tests aren’t posted yet; I’ve been re-writing and re-evaluating based on your feedback.

One woman signed up, and blasted the first two tests in about two weeks. Another did it in one week. I think we’ve established the material isn’t too hard, if you take a little time and work with it.

Another point of Speak Cherokee is that it’s interactive. I’ve gone so far as to get on the phone with people to help with their pronunciation. It’s the same kind of instruction I’d give in a live classroom setting. This is also why I’ve set an upper limit on the number of students that can be enrolled at any time.


Who are the most efficient hunters of the animal world? As much as I’m a dog person, they’re sloppy hunters, a problem they make up for with teamwork. Big cats are by far more efficient. And yet wildlife experts tell us that even the big cats only take down their prey in 1 out of 10 chases. That’s a 10 per cent success rate. I don’t feel so bad now when I introduce a product that doesn’t find its market. If I get 2 out of 10 into profit, I'm a marketing TIGER!

As some of you know, for three years now I’ve produced a Cherokee calendar each year. Not only does it have the modern months and days shown in their Cherokee names, but it has the old Cherokee day-signs and wind-signs, moon phases, seasonal starts and mid-points, and much more information. Everybody said they wanted it… until it was time to pay. I’ve learned some lessons on market research!

There’s not enough interest to justify publishing the calendar, and yet I feel it is still a valuable tool for those learning the language, history and culture.

So effective July 1, enrolled language students will receive the Calendar and each annual update as a bonus. Learning to give the time and date in Cherokee will help you gain familiarity with the language.

Today is June 25, making it six months until Christmas. So consider this notice of an early Christmas gift! The 2010 Cherokee Calendar is now being researched and compiled. Only my students will have it.!

So if you haven’t enrolled, go here and select the plan that best suits you.

All the best,
Brian Wilkes

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