Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harvest Month, and You Can Harvest a 2010 Calendar

Osiyo! Greetings!

Gohi-iga nvgineiga, igvyi-iga Duninvdi.
Today (is) Thursday, first day (of) October.

Duninvdi (doo-NEEN-dee) come from a word meaning harvest, and this is the time we harvest the crops and medicines that let us survive the coming winter. It’s the time we show thanks to our Creator and Provider, to the Earth, and to each other for the harvest.

This mailing list is approaching 600, so to celebrate the milestone there will be gifts! All of those enrolled in Speak Cherokee Level One for any portion of the month of October will receive the 2010 Cherokee Calendar. I had not planned to do another calendar because sales demand didn’t justify it, but several students told me it helped them as a learning tool. So this will be my Harvest Thanks giveaway.

After October 31st, the 2010 Calendar will be a reward for correctly completing Test 3.

So if you needed another incentive to begin your study of the Cherokee language, here it is!

Until next time,
All the best,

Brian Wilkes

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