Friday, October 23, 2009

Mitochondrial DNA in Cherokees - Egyptian, Greek, Phoenician and Hebrew Origins?

We have always had an oral tradition that at least part of our people came by boat from a land across the waters to the East. Modern science suggests those stories told by the Elders are more than fairy tales.


Dr. Yates can also advise you on the best DNA test to meet your needs, depending on just where in your ancestry, your family tree, you suspect that 'bird' is hiding!

[The woman in the photo is wearing a tradition Cherokee style dress, finishing a traditional Cherokee design in the pot. But she's not Cherokee, she's Berber from Morocco - the "land across the sea"? Many linguistic and cultural clues suggest early contact with the Mediterranean, including Berber Mauritania, Carthage, Etruria, Minoan Greece, Troy, and Phoenicia.]

Brian Wilkes

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