Saturday, February 27, 2010


As we approach the Sixth World, the prophetic increase in earthquakes and other natural disasters is being fulfilled. It’s hard to watch coverage of the devastation in Haiti and now Chile without feeling the urge to open our wallets, and the wish that we had bigger wallets and deeper pockets.

But there’s been a quieter devastation this winter in the Lakota country, where winter storms have knocked out electric, water treatment plants, plumbing, and have made re-supply difficult. Anyone who has experienced a Dakota winter can imagine how bad it might get if there was also no heat.

The Elders at Wounded Knee still endure brutal winter conditions, often in woefully sub-standard housing. Losing heat, even for a few days, is life-threatening.

I hope your pockets are deep enough to help the victims in Haiti and Chile. Mine aren’t, so I’ve concentrated my efforts on helping the Elders at Pine Ridge.


For each new or returning student who signs up in March, your first month subscription/tuition fee of $20 will go to heating assistance. Other than the PayPal service charge, ALL of it will go for heating, without any overhead or “management” charges. I’m dealing with people there whom I know personally.

If you’ve been putting off beginning to learn the Cherokee language, or if you’re a former student who’s been thinking of coming back, now you can get started and know that your tuition will help some of our cousins who are in greatest need right now, right here in the United States.

Before he passed the late ceremonial chief Frank Fools Crow left his pipe and part of his regalia to a Cherokee (mis-identified in some books as a white man), with the prayer that this would start the process of healing the centuries-old animosity between our peoples. This is you chance to be part of that healing, and also to begin your part of the effort to keep our language alive and vibrant. You will still get a seven-day free trial.

So there’s no time like the present: Honor our Ancestors, Speak our Language, and Help our cousins survive a cruel winter.

Nvwadohiyada, healing peace to you,

Brian Wilkes