Thursday, May 27, 2010

Full Moon, New Cycle, Dying Computer


Sorry not to have been in touch more, but I've been having computer problems. My 5 year old Dell is finally giving up. Each day is an adventure, as it alternately forgets how to open MS Office, play and audio or video, or connect to the Internet. Only several restarts bring back it's memory. This makes it difficult to create the new video and audio instructionals for Lesson 4. But it's coming along.

Today is a full moon, AND the start of another 260 day cycle on the old Calendar. A great time for new beginnings. This evening, I'll take part in a healing ceremony for someone I haven't seen in about 12 years. If you have someone in need, this is a very good time to send them prayers, and whatever other resources you have.

I've been asked about [1] giving or translating names for people, [2] doing a special for Fathers' Day and I did for Mothers' Day on the Calendar Calculations and Analysis, [3] more on the strange flag I showed last month, and hint that it refers to Cherokee origins, [4] the medicinal garden booklet I mentioned (most of you said you DID want to have something like that).

All of that and more coming, computer spirits willing and the Creeks don't rise. Until then, all the best!