Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Moon, Eclipse, Day of Twins...

Today (Sunday) is the New Moon and a solar eclipse, which unfortunately, will not be visible in the northern hemisphere.

The New Moon is the beginning of the Cherokee month, a day of quiet reflection, fasting, prayer and purification. Observant Cherokees will fast up to four days. This particular New Moon/Eclipse combination is associated with emotion changes, mood swings, clearing out the clutter of the past - time to send your 'baggage' to the auction house or trash bin!!

Think of New moon as a monthly sabbath instead of a weekly. In the dark of the new moon, you reflect on what you did in the previous month, and what you need to do in the coming month to be in harmony (dohi) with the order of things.. Divine Will, righteousness/justice. In the old days, the elders might remain "separate" for a day or two, putting aside the normal business of the world. Part of that was separating yourself from food gathering and preparation, which took a big chunk of time in the old days. It was also a gentle internal bathing. As you know, some ceremonies were preceded by purging. Fasting is a gentler way of cleaning our your innards.
Full moon, on the other hand, was party time because the lights were on all night! This was the time of the gatiyo or stomp dance ceremony in the Southeast, and widely regarded as the best time to conduct healing because of the additional dose of solar energy reflected from the moon.
Today is a “Twins” Day on the old Calendar. The Twins Flint Knife and Reed, the first Real People born on this earth after we came from our old home, represent many things. They represent choices, alternatives

In the creation story, the firstborn Flint Knife walks away from his mortally wounded mother after he is born. In his impatience to see the world, he has burst from her side. The second son, Reed, stays with her and follows her instructions for her burial. He is rewarded with the gift of medicine and vision, gifts denied to Flint Knife.

In the Cherokee version of this story, Flint Knife is not evil, just inconsiderate, His wants and needs come first, just like a child.

Our Mother the Earth is mortally wounded, and the arterial bleeding in the Gulf of Mexico will affect the entire world. No other species did that, just us.

Flint finds its purpose in being rigid, solid, hard. Reed has rigidity also, but finds its true purpose in being hollow… as a flute, pipe stem, bubbling stick, blowgun. Both have their legitimate purposes and value. I the stories, Reed must call on Flint, and they must join forces to defeat greater and greater opponents. An arrow can be made only of reed, but it penetrates farther with a flint arrowhead.

So today, as the moon covers the sun, which Twin are you? This is a day to examine the difference; both Reed and Flint also have their own days. Take a second look: foraged foods are wonderful, but so many have a nearly-identical twin that's poisonous. Take a third look at your decisions.

As many of you know, I've spent years working with the Cherokee Calendar, re-assembling it from bits and pieces of oral teachings. It forms a wonderful framework in the form of day-signs and week-signs for understanding at least part of the sweep of Cherokee oral tradition, especially creation stories.
I also offer birth date analyses based on the calendar. In ancient times, the elders would consider the implications of a child birth date when selecting a name. That tradition continues at least into the 20th century in some remote communities of East Tennessee, and possibly elsewhere.
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