Monday, August 9, 2010

Cherokee Word Wakens Comatose Soldier!

The code word Gen. Petraeus used, "currahee" is from the old Alati or Lowland dialect, no longer spoken outside of old prayers and songs. in Middle and Overhill dialects, it's ᏊᏩᎯ (quu-wa-hi), and means "stand alone among others"... be an "Army of One" if that's what it takes. And some of you wonder WHY we spend years ...learning our ancient language?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Songs and Related Languages

Osiyo, nigada! Greetings, all!

I posted a video of the Tutelo-Saponi song, Mahk Jchi (Our Hearts).

It was released almost 20 years ago by Ulali, and for most people, it will be their only experience of a language that was spoken by tens of thousands between Virginia and Ontario. The same album, Robbie Robertson’s “Red Road Ensemble,” included Walela’s mis-titled “Cherokee Morning Song,” which for most people will be their only experience of the fading Tihanama language.

The 2011 Cherokee Calendar Package is now available for instant download. Besides showing how complex our traditional worldview was and is, I think it’s a great aid for seeing and using the Cherokee language in context. Simple questions each morning like “What day is it?” can be answered in Cherokee.

There’s also a new page of content in the course material, the first page of words commonly used in prayer. Soon, there will be a line-by-line slow instructional video on the Lord’s Prayer, and on some older prayers.

The three songs most associated with the Trail of Tears are [1] Amazing Grace, [2] Guide Us, Great Jehovah, and [3] One Drop of Blood. These songs will each be produced as videos: slow talking speed for teaching, and as slow singing speed for sing-along.

Donadagohvi, Until we're together again
Brian Wilkes

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