Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Moon, Prayer Videos Posted, Calendar Healing

Osiyo, my dear students and friends! First some good news.

In the next month we may see the restoration of two ceremonies that have been missing for a while. Plans are underway once again to begin a Stomp Dance ground in West Kentucky. I’m overjoyed that this plan is moving forward once again, and hope to have more information for you soon. To my knowledge, the only authorized and recognized Stomp Ground in the East is the one at Big Cove, but that may have change since I last checked about seven years ago.
Speaking of seven years, it’s been that long since I relocated here to beautiful West Kentucky. Another ceremony is being restored this weekend, one brought back by the prophet Smohalla after his four years with the ancestral Elders in Yucatan. Not only Cherokee and Creeks, but other nations have oral traditions of coming up from Mexico and Central America, although some in the west came up the pacific Coast and Colorado River. The original version of this ceremony has not been done for centuries. As with the Stomp Dance, I regret that I can’t say more until authorized to do so.


It’s pretty simple: “Listen to each word at least 21 times before you attempt to say it.” That’s why is audio and video-based, rather than text-based. Could you read English before you learned to speak it as a child? NO! You listened to your parents, grandparents, and other “big people” over and over before you even tried to say it. Years later, when you started school, you learned to read. Yes, I know that new methods allow 2 year olds to begin reading, but if you’re anywhere near my age, that wasn’t the path available.


I’ve just re-recorded the first two teaching videos for the Lord’s Prayer, which are part of Lesson Four in Speak Cherokee. The sound was a little muddy before.

I’ll warn you now: part of the fourth test will be a clear recitation of the prayer. I’m working on the rest of the segments today and tomorrow. Log in to your account to see.


Today (Wednesday, September 08, 2010) is a new moon, the start of the Cherokee lunar month Udatanv, and the start of the 13-day Week of the Snake (Inadv). Snakes represent both healing and danger, so it’s a good time to re-examine the choices that come your way. The most colorful and attractive snakes are often the most poisonous. The first day of the Week give that Week its name, so today is a Snake day. The first day is influenced by the Hummingbird, an aggressive and fast little bird that represents new beginnings. They are so small and fast, they are almost invisible at times, as often are the influences that set things into motion in our lives. A good day to initiate new health and fitness practices, for example – not that there’s ever a bad day for that!

Recently, a good friend had major surgery. It was scheduled for the waxing moon on a Flint Knife (as in scalpel) day. Tradition says that had it been schedule for the waning moon, and on a River day, there may have been problems with loss of blood or internal bleeding. But of course, if we really believed those traditions, we’re be ignorant superstitious savages, wouldn’t we? My friend is making what her doctors consider a remarkable recovery. Perhaps the fact that surgery was scheduled for the most opportune day on the Calendar was just a coincidence. Or, perhaps our ancestors were on to something.

Until next time,
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Brian Wilkes

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