Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Month, and the 2011 Calendar Upgrade is available!

Olmec Figurines with miniature stelae

Monday (Nov 1) begins the month of Nvdatequa (Big Moon), considered the end of summer and beginning of winter. In the old days, this was considered the start of a new year, the time when God had created the world in its most brilliant colors. We give thanks for the creation of this beautiful Earth, and give thanks for being  honored to be part of this creation.

Tuesday (Nov 2) is a Flower (Atsilvsgi) Day, the end of a 20-day cycle, and a time for additional prayers for reconciliation of conflicts with other people and with nature itself.


As before, it includes the 2011 Cherokee Calendar, Manual, and even the 2010 Calendar.

I listened to your comments on the original July release, and have added several features.
  • There is a more thorough explanation of the Bird or Wind Signs. 
  • There is an explanation of the Olmec origins of the Calendar, and a commentary of the Olmec view of the 20 day signs as a long journey of the soul, not unlike the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” or the Tibetan “Bardo Thodol”.  (Physical birth, life, and death are concluded by the 6th sign, and then the REAL journey begins!)
  • The Upgrade includes a page of bonuses, including discounts on Calendar Analysis Reports and DNA testing.
 If you purchased the July release and for some reason did NOT yet receive the Upgrade, please contact me


For those who are enrolling in Speak Cherokee, please remember that I send the access information by email, and I use the email address attached to your PayPal account unless otherwise requested. If that email in no longer valid, it won’t reach you. If you have not white-listed my email address, it will bounce or go to your junk mail file.  This has happened a few times, and it’s been very frustrating, since I couldn’t reach the student right away. In one case, the student had a business, and I was able to look up the phone number online.

If you are trying to reach me to complain about this, please include a telephone number, since we’ve established that email isn’t working for some reason.

Brian Wilkes

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