Thursday, December 23, 2010

A few questions from students...


More of you are starting to ask questions and understand that this course only work when the student and teacher interact. Today, I want to answer several questions sent by one of our California students.

At this size, they can also drill for oil!
Q: Does gugu describe any kind of bottle (baby, liquor, plastic & stainless steel water bottles, etc.)?
A: Yes! In fact, it describes almost any smaller liquid container – a mosquito, for instance (a flying blood bottle) or a gourd IF used to hold a liquid.

Q: Is there a difference between hayulasdi (Labels 1) and hayelasdi (Labels 2)?
A: No. There is still no standardized spelling in Cherokee.

Q: In the crossword, you have pigeon as "woyi" but show pictures of pigeons in the video as gule disgonihi.  Is there much of a difference on how they're used in Cherokee?
A: Yes, that was a goof on my part. Gule disgonihi really refers to the mourning dove, while woya or woyi is a more general term applied to all doves and pigeons. 

Holiday specials coming to an end:

Right night, you can still get one full year of Speak Cherokee access for $147, reduced from the regular annual price of $200, or $240 if paid monthly. It’s a great deal, and it ends on January 1.

The Cherokee Calendar Calculation and Analysis for any birth date is still $77, reduced from the regular $97.

More to come tomorrow, Christmas Eve!

Until then, Danistayohihv!


PS: In preparation for 2011 -
  1. More lessons, more videos! 
  2. A Cherokee Language New Testament, large print, in syllabary + phonetic + English.
  3. A Cherokee Hymnal 
  4. A new translation of a portion of the Cherokee migration saga and prophecy, first committed to writing in the 19th century.
  5. A Medicine Garden Manual focusing on the most commonly used Cherokee medicine plants.

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