Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looking forward to Spring Ceremonies! And to a new Cherokee Lexicon.


This will be a brief message. Things have been really hectic here in West Kentucky with storms, tax time and March Madness. With springtime comes thawing and often flooding in our Four Rivers area (Cumberland, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi).

On the first Saturday of April, our local community will celebrate the coming of spring with the ceremony known various as First Green Grass, First Moon of Spring, or New Beginnings. The timing of this ceremony varies in different communities based on local weather conditions. We will also have the Blessing of the Seeds, a ceremony that precedes the planting ceremonies, usually in May.
Based on your responses, I'm working on an interactive Cherokee dictionary (actually a lexicon or word list - a true dictionary give background, origin, and other information about each word. 

Since I began working with the language in 1995, I've been compiling a lexicon. Last night I started to reorganize it... about 15,000 words and figures of speech.

I plan to release this in PDF form. Many errors and duplications have crept in over the 15 years, so I have a lot of tedious clean-up to do. 

Here's my plan at the moment:

The publication will be available at a reasonable cost - probably $10 - $15; but currently enrolled students will get it without charge.

How does that sound? Let me hear from you!


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