Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mayan Calendar According to Non-Mayans

There's a lot of chatter on the Internet today (03-09-11) about this being the start of the "Ninth Wave" or the period of "Universal Galactic Consciousness." Maybe it will be, but the Mayans said no such thing. These interpretations come from several European and American writers, NOT from fluent Mayan day-keepers, as best I can find. 

All of this is based on one of the Mayan Calendars called the Long Count, which many think ends on or about December 12, 2012.  A minority opinion is that it will end on October 28, 2011. However, some feel the alignment of the Long Count to the modern Gregorian Calendar is dicey at best, and may be off by as much as 52 to 520 years!

All of this is a lead-up to the day when the new cycle begins. All of the "Doomsday" scenarios are based on this inscription:

It says the at the end of the age - at the giant ceremonial New Year's Eve party in the city - "Bolon Yukte Kun," a minor deity, will "descend from heaven." An other interpretation is the BYK will be seen in his full regalia, descending from the heights. The image could have been a re-enactment similar to the annual descent of the Hopi Katsinas from the San Francisco Peaks into the town square. 

If this describes a Mayan religious procession, the person portraying BYK will descend from top of the pyramid ("heaven") to ground level ("earth"), in plain sight of the people. 

BYK is sometimes called "the many taloned claw" or "the many-rooted tree," which puts us in mind of the Tree of Knowledge in heaven replicated by the Tree of Peace (Harmony) here on earth. This can be a poetic way of saying that the ideal harmony of heaven will be re-established here in our world.

Still with me? Here comes Mr. Science. Some fad writers are saying that one of several galactic catastrophe scenarios will play out:  

Just as it might have been a good idea to consult genuine Mayan day-keepers about the significance of the Calendar dates, it would have been a great idea to consult with genuine scientists before speading some of these theories around and blaming them on the Mayans. 

No Planet X, no Niburu. That doesn't mean a disaster won't happen at one of these dates, but if so, it will more coincidence than prophecy.

PS: The 2011 Cherokee Calendar will only remain on sale until April 1. Until then, the price has bee reduced to $13.77. 
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