Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new Cherokee Hymnal Available! And, Answering Your Questions...

Responses to Hymnal:
“Thank you!! I just purchased and downloaded the Hymnal. It's great!”
-        BM, Wichita, KS

Loretta writes:

I have 3 questions:
1 - You don't indicate what the price is for the Birthday Analysis.  You say it's reduced $20, but you do not give the price.  Even when I clicked on the flowers & the link, you only give the price for the Speak Cherokee Level One
Thank you, I’ve corrected that. The Analysis is reduced to $77.
2 - Also, you say that the page will come down after May 9, or after the first 10 people have subscribed.  So, how will I know at the time of payment if the 10th person has just subscribed immediately before me, and then I can't get my money back from you? 
I’ll take the link down after #10, and you won’t be able to complete such a purchase. Even if somehow you had, I only have to hit two buttons in PayPal to make a refund; that’s one reason I use it. In this case, since we’re have weather-related power outages which could prevent me from taking the links down in time, I will honor any completed purchase.
3 - How are the lessons in Speak Cherokee delivered?  (internet?  email?  regular mail?  DVD?) I have only dial-up access to the internet, so downloading a video, for ex., is extremely slow.  What would I need computer-wise/software-wise to access these lessons in an efficient manner.  Please clarify re the above.  Thank you!
The program is delivered via a password-protected web site. To be honest, dial-up isn’t good for this. If there’s enough interest to justify the expense, I may put the material into a stand-alone program you’d download into your computer. So far, there’s only been one other request for that.
I’ve also considered reformatting some of the Speak Cherokee content for email delivery… would you be interested in something like that?
Responses to Speak Cherokee Questions:
Kim writes:
I appreciate your addressing my issue (syllabary no displaying in Mac). when will these changes take place so that I can view syllabary? Also, do you know how I record stuff on a Mac? Sorry to trouble; eager to begin but want to get my ducks in a row.
Actually, when I’m finished, you won’t see syllabary on the site itself, only on PDFs and videos. Speak first, then read and write. The point of my “rainy day Russian” story was that learning a new writing system for a language you don’t really understand is a sidetrack.
Do you mean record what’s playing on the web, or record yourself?  For the first, Freecorder; for the second, Audacity. Both have Mac versions.
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