Monday, May 9, 2011

About Greetings, a New Dictionary, and the Mother's Day Special ends tonight.



The late instructor Sam Hider of Oklahoma used to say that there really is only one Cherokee greeting, "Osiyo". Modern adaptations from English, such as "osda sunalei" were actually statements, he said - "the morning is good"- rather than a wish for the listener to experience a good morning.He opined that simply borrowing English phrases and translating them word by word into Cherokee was not the same as learning the language and culture.

Of course, young people were quick to borrow English slang into Cherokee - "What's new?", "What's up?' Doing so was a definite "two-fer"... they could speak in a secret language outsiders understand, AND they could annoy their parents!

"Osiyo" actually derives from the rood word for "good," and Durbin Feeling reminds us that itwas once use as a closing in letters, just before the signature, sort of as "all is well here."  Gradually, it migrated to the top of the page to become the salutation.

Then what was the salutation?  The interjections "Ka!" or "Sgi!", which would translate loosely as "Hey!", a word used to get attention before conversation.

Mother's Day Special ... Just a Few Hours Left

Mother's Day has passed, and the Mother's Day Special will be taken down tonight. Until then, you can still save $20 on a Calendar Birthdate Analysis or save $93 on a full year of Cherokee instruction by following this link:

~ New Cherokee Dictionary - in Searchable PDF format ~

I've been studying the language for about 20 years, and have volumes of note and wordlists. It used to be much harder to get a grasp on the language, and there were few researouces available. Over the years, I've digitalized my lists, and I realized I have about 17,000 listings. Thinking these could help other students, I've been "cleaning up" the variant and "creative" spellings and duplicate listings. The result will have about 15,000 entries spanning about 300 pages.  

So many of you have said you wanted this, that I decided to give you a break. The final version will run about 300 pages, and about 15,000 entries. It will be priced at about $20 for a searchable PDF download.
Several varients will be given for some words. Here's a sample:

So here's the deal: pre-order the Dictionary now, and pay only $9.97. When the dictionary is released, you'll be sent the download link. When the dictionary IS released, this $9.97 offer will be removed.

~ New Cherokee Hymnal ~

On Easter, we released the New Cherokee Hymnal, in large type for people like me. Ten of the most popular songs, and budget-priced at $5. Perfect for your local classes and signing groups! You can learn more here:

That's enough for now, but there's more to come... including the 10-Day Immersion course coming up in Cherokee, NC.

Until next time, Osiyo!
Brian Wilkes