Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!

Just a quick note today…

For Valentine’s Day, I offered you a special: full-access Speak Cherokee language instruction for the remainder of 2012, for $100. That was a $100 savings. 

A few takers, and a few said they wanted it. But weeks went by. I finally asked what was wrong. seems some people haven’t gotten their tax refund checks as soon as expected.

I understand. Sometimes things occur that are beyond our control. I asked if they wanted me to offer it again. 


So here it is. I had originally intended this offering only for those who have previously been students, but since I know only too well how rough the economy is these days, I’ll open it to anyone interested, anywhere in the world.    

Just click this link to get started!  

This will only be up a few days, so don't be an "April Fool!"


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