Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Live Classes and Springtime Words


I had a request to resume live classes again. I stopped doing those five years ago, because no matter how we varied scheduling, the timing and distance was always inconvenient for somebody. But this one has me thinking…. it would be about 50 miles away, and... the request comes from an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma! So pardon me while I take a moment to pat myself on the back – despite all the sniping from the web whiners about what a thin-blood I am, somebody who knows what Cherokee sounds like thinks we’re doing a good job!

Words of Springtime! Part 1

A-nv-yi: March. Contracted form of “windy month”, it puns with “strawberry time,” since some plants sprout early.

Ka-won-ni: April. Usually translated “flowering,” it puns with the word for “duck,” since migrating ducks return.

: May. “They plant”

Nv-da i-gv-ga-yi:
first moon, the First New Moon of Spring holiday. This moon occurred March 22, and began the lunar month Nv-da a-tsi-lv-sgi (Flowering Moon).

go-ge-yi, ga-ga-i, gi-la-go-di: Spring

go-ga, go-gi: Summer

Hi-ga-yv-li Tsu-ne-ga: “Thou Ancient Whites”, ritual name for the ashes of a previous ceremonial fire. Ashes are preserved, and used to build the next fire; in that way, it is considered a continuation of the same fire.

Hi-ga-yv-li A-ni-gi-ga-u: “Thou Ancient Reds”, ritual name for the sacred fire and for the sun and ancient sun goddess/ancestress.

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Brian Wilkes 

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