Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Springtime Words

We continue with words associated with Springtime, including words associated with ceremonial prayers...

ga-ta: “new” fire, kindled after the “old” fire is extinguished

a-ya-sta-sgi: “old” fire, burning since the last new fire was kindled.

a-tsi-la: common word for fire

a-tsi-lv-sgi: flower, blossom, flame

i-tse: new

i-tse-i-yu-sdi:  fresh, green

se-lu-tsu-ni-ge-sdi-sdi: corn sprouting, the second major holiday, today called “New Corn” in English.

A-da-we-hi: Elders in the sense of culture carriers entrusted with important knowledge; day-keepers who understood the old Calendar and ceremonial cycle. Also used to mean angel, prophet. They were consulted on which would be the most auspicious days to schedule events.

A-ni-da-we-hi:  plural of adawehi

a storage building where all of the agricultural tools were kept for the community,


a-go-de-sdi: spade,


da-ga-lo-sti u-i-la-ta,
pointed stick, used to make hole for seedlings. It was considered offensive to tear off a large part of Our Mother’s skin with plows or tillers just to plant seeds, when a smaller hole would do.

Happy Planting!

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