Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Another Elder Crosses...

Junior Sapp of Jay and Eucha Oklahoma began is walk home on Sunday.  According to Choogie Kingfisher, "He will be missed in many circles...from gigging tournaments to gospel singings. A true Kituwah and one of the last true medicine people."  He was called "the best-known man in NE Oklahoma." The myth often told is that Junior could "fly" because someone would see him in one place at one time and then shortly later at another location. RIP.

Today (Tuesday May 1) It is the Day of the TWINS, fourth day of the Week of the FIREPIT. Firepit Week represents the conflict between culture and nature. Our desire to maintain a lineage of customs and beliefs is periodically disrupted by the evolutionary leaps. Nature is the house into which we are born, and Culture as the house into which we move. These are 13 days to refocus our struggle to decide which house is really home, knowing all homes are temporary.  This parallels the story of the Twins Dawisgala and Ihiya (Flint and Reed), in which Flint Knife Boy represents the selfish survival instinct of the individual, and Reed Boy represents the dutiful survival instinct of the family.

Mayan Daykeepers

I've been spending time listening to the Mayan Daykeepers who took part in last week's online summit. As we go into the second half of this year, you can expect to be bombarded with all kinds of wild claims. Here's the reality: the Daykeepers all confirmed that nowhere in the Mayan inscriptions does if predict that at the end of the current age in December, there will be any disaster, cataclysms, floods, extinctions, Planet X Niburu. The nature of time and material existence will not change on December 22; it will be the first day of a new age, with the same 260 cycle as before. What we make of the fresh start we are given is up to us.

Mothers Day - Fathers Day Specials

Normally, the Speak Cherokee program costs $20 per month. Now through Fathers Day, you can have a full access subscription until the end of 2012 for $100 - that's a $60 savings. Wouldn't that make an exceptional gift for the parent interested in their Cherokee heritage?
By request, I've also added a $20 reduction for the Cherokee Calendar Calulation and Analysis:

donadagohvi,  So until next time, 
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